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La Palma Mega Tsunami - Making A Plan
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La Palma Mega Tsunami
Yoinked from wtf_nature. Do you have an evacuation route away from bodies of water that are prone to flooding?

The "Mega Tsunami" predicted to wipe out the east coast:

In short, Cumbre Viejo, a volcano on the island of La Palma in the canary islands, is predicted to shed its Northeast flank into the ocean. Geologists figure this will be due to water or magma expansion against the side that's already sliding roughly a centimeter a year. The resulting tsunami could wash two miles inland into east coast cities. Geologists figure it's MORE likely to happen now due to global warming, as previous incidents of this type have always occurred during earth's warm periods.

A Tsunami of this type (something dropping into the ocean) results in a much higher wave than those caused by underwater earthquakes and plate slippage.

For those with phobias or not enough to worry about, if you want to avoid natural disasters, Alice Springs in Australia is about the only place you'd be safe moving to, as it's the most geologically stable region on the habitable planet (Antarctica is your other option).

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