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Making A Plan

Helping make and implement disaster preparedness plans

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This community is intended to be a place where sane LJers can discuss topics and resources regarding disaster preparedness. We're here to exchange ideas and information, and to collaborate on ways to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities safe and healthy in the event of a disaster. The emphasis is on 1) helping each other make real plans, and 2) following through on putting them in place.

This isn't a hardcore survivalist community - it's intended for those of us who don't have the resources or inclination to go completely off-grid or buy our own island. ;^)

Lists for kits, links to resources, books, training, phone trees, etc., are all appropriate for this community. Arguments about guns, politics, who sucks, and who doesn't, are not appropriate. Some people may be comfortable depending upon government resources; others may not. Some people may prefer to arm themselves; others may not.

This community is maintained by windswept and ............ We don't want to be heavy-handed, but we won't let fights break out. If you want to help mod, feel free to offer.

Note: this community is North-American-based (especially the links list), but a lot of what we discuss will be applicable to all persons.

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Note: Please no community promos, advertising, or spam, unless you email me first for approval.
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